Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Book

Sometime last year, I was curious about baby keepsake books. Personally, I love them and wish my mom had kept one for me; luckily hubby's mom kept one for him.  I had googled and googled for Pagan and Witch themed baby books with no luck.  One of my readers had commented, linking me to someone who had actually made one (I've since lost the link and am unable to find it again).  But it got me thinking, how come there aren't more Pagan/Witch themed baby keepsake books?  I dunno.  Perhaps they're just out-dated? Perhaps there's no demand?  No publisher to print one?  Or maybe more and more Pagan parents are just making their own? 

Last year, with my first pregnancy, I had found and bought a typical baby book.  I worked on filling some bits out and was really excited.  But after the miscarriage, it just sits, hidden away on my book shelf.  Serving as a bad reminder to a terrible time.  But I've got babies on the brain again, and I've been looking for sites for my links page for those interested, and once again, I can't find anything.  I'm at a loss. 

I'm a list-maker and a cataloger.  I like order--which I'm sure will change when we have fledglings--and organization.  My Book of Shadows, Book of Mirrors, Pagan Parenting, and Kitchen Witchety Binder's are all neat and orderly, complete with a Table of Contents, chapter tabs, and everything (part of my CDO).  That way when I need something, I can find it.  Easy peasy.  Using my baby book, hubby's baby book, and the Wiccan site as an outline (that I made when I first found it), I created my own baby book outline. 

I think for the next kid, instead of purchasing a book and just filling out the pages, I'm going to make a scrapebook instead.  I'm a little rusty, scrapebook wise, but luckily one of my friends is HUGE into the world of scrapebook hobbies.  She's got the Cricket and a room dedicated and everything.  Needless to say, I've got a "mentor".  That way, I can make my own lists and milestones, with the mundane and the magikal, with an ancestral page, a baby blessing, pictures, and everything (especially if we decide to do a Paganing).  I'm pretty excited and I've already got the plans in motion in my head.  In my head and in the form of written and picture outlines. 

So come on conception!

You know...I could probably check etsy.....I know there are some shops dedicated to Pagan families and kids, so why not keepsakes?  I'll do that later and link yall back.



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