Monday, August 27, 2012

Ashamed of the Name?

The hubby asked me something the other night about the name selected for our first boy.  He asked if I was ashamed of it.  I already have names picked out, for both girls and boys.  Each is different in its own way, as I'm not a lover of common or Biblical names.  Nor overly Pagan names.  We wanted names we loved.

For a girl, I've chosen Rylie (rye-lee).  LOVE this name.  And for a boy, we've picked Lycan.  I do like that name, being a lover of Lycanthropes.  To me it's powerful name, one that hubby hopes becomes a football or hockey player: Lycan Wren.  Some big hulking mountain of a man.  A beast of sorts.

It was my first choice until I fell in love with the names Victor and Vincent.  I wanted one of those instead, but caved and allowed my husband to choose our son's name.  Something we both agreed on.  I picked the girls, he should pick the boys.

Anytime someone asks, "Do you have names picked out?"  I give the girl's name, but for the boy, I only give the middle name, saying we haven't decided on the first name yet.  It's not that I'm ashamed of the name, I just don't want to be criticized for it.  I don't want people to try and change my mind.  And I don't want the pressure.  I'd much rather keep it a secret for now.  In the meanwhile, people will give their own names....mostly common and Biblical.  And even though I keep saying I don't want a junior, they keep giving my husband's name.  Annoying.

Shame would mean that I don't like the name, and I do like it.  But as a first born son, I was leaning towards Victor.  Then again, the original boy's name I wanted, hubby shot down right away.  I wanted Nathan and he wanted Nathaniel.  I don't want that name because I have a cousin with that name and I don't care for redundancy as a first name.  But there were names he liked that I shot down as well, like Damein, Dante, and Artemis....which to me, Artemis is a chick, and I don't want to name our kids after deities. 

Eh, it's a compromise.  Who knows if Little Wren is even a boy?  Personally I'm leaning towards little Rylie.  But I guess we'll know for sure on the 6th.  :-)


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  1. Oh my gosh, when I named my first son "Gavin" (10 years ago), my MIL (at the time) said scathingly, "That's *different*".

    Well, of course it was different to her. Her 3 sons all have Biblical names. Her 3 grandchildren and step-child all have Biblical names. She's a fundamentalist Christian.

    So I was the horrible Pagan daughter-in-law who dared to be different.

    Nowadays, Gavin is a common name. It got really popular after my son was born. That kind of annoys me. LOL

    We chose Rowan as a sort of... dark to Gavin's light, Goddess-blessed to Gavin's God-blessed, Celtic to Gavin's Welsh, etc. So far I haven't heard any complaints, but that's probably because I have more understanding in-laws this time around. ;)