Thursday, September 21, 2017

School Update

Homophone Hell:
Lycan woke me up with, "'I' is for eyes!"
"No. 'E' for for eyes. The letter 'I' is for you."
"No. 'I' is for eyes, mommy. 'U' is for unicorn."
"No, Lycan. Eyes start with the letter 'E'."
"Mommy. 'I' is for eyes!"
"'E' is for eyes, Lycan. 'I' as yourself is a personal pronoun."
Matter of factly, "Mommy."
"'I' is for eye. Not 'E'. Not 'U'."
Sighs, "You're wrong, but you'll get it one day....maybe.
Welcome to American English, kid, the the rules are made up and the points don't matter."

Two months of home preschooling and it's going pretty well. Yesterday I was able to bump up both kids learning levels on ABC Mouse, so now they're more interested and learning at the right levels. I altnerate between the profile each day, so they're getting new stuff.

Wolfman can count from 1-20, 10-100 (by ten's), and 100-1000 (by hundreds). He can also recite the alphabet song, and he knows his letters and numbers. We've been playing double-digit card games.  He counts everything around the house!

We also go over Stranger Danger, Street Safety, and Home Safety weekly.

Today we're going to start on sight words and possibly addition and subtraction.

As for Warrior, he's a little behind, but he's coming along. I think if I could school them individually, he'd do better. I just try to have them take turns on some of the games on ABC Mouse and offline.

But both are singing the songs they hear at random times.  Warrior more than Wolfman--Warrior's more inclined to music than his brother.

Here's my pinterest board of some of the videos they watch on Youtube.  

School's going great.  Warrior's at the preschool level and Wolfman's at the kindergaten level.  Little kids are sponges, man!  And the boys love school, too.  They're always so eager to show us what they've been learning around the house or outside.  And Wolfman's just a good big brother, too.  He'll grab his little brother's hand, when they get near the road, and tell him to wait.  That they have to look and listen for cards first.  It's the sweetest thing.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


First, just happened, and it's adorable:

"Itsy itsy bitsy wobot went up da big ole wa-doo spout. Down came the wain and washed the itsy itsy bitsy wobot agaaaainnnnnn!" Vinny singing a song. "Again" was sang with a big deep low voice. 

The Day of Hope was on August 19th. Here is the prayer flag that I made for Nathan Jacen this year:

I tried my hand at loom knitting, crocheted the "N", and sewed on the heart button. This one is outside, as I learned that prayer flags aren't supposed to be still. The wind blowing helps to carry the prayers to the Spirit World. The more tattered and worn the flags are the better.

I've also been crocheting like crazy, making gifts for my SIL's baby shower in October. The theme and colors for my coming nephew are blue and whales. So I crocheted a large stuffed humpback whale and am working on a big gray and blue bag. As I learned with my kids, one can never have too many bags. I may even make a blanket--possibly loom one. Can never have too many blankets either!

As for the boys, school's going great. Wolfman is recognizing big numbers, so I'm going to start working with him on those with number cards. This morning he was able to tell me what 2+2 is! Already better at math than mommy! ;-) We've been doing a combination of ABC Mouse, card match and memory games, and youtube preschool song videos. The boys have 18 stickers on their school boards. Even Warrior is participating. At first, he was just watching, and now he's giving answers faster than his big brother.

Right now, Wolfman is in Time Out for throwing a fit after school was over. We typically do 2 hours of school, and he wanted more. So much that he went off crying dramatically and then threw a train track across the living room. 15 minutes of sitting in the corner for him! Yup, Wolfman's in quite the annoying phase right now. I don't think I've ever had to put him in Time Out as much I have these two weeks. It's getting old. But part of parenting. I cannot wait until this phase is over.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gonna Get an Early Start!

Today, we figured out the Halloween costumes and have a plan of when we're buying them all, so we're not doing something last minute.  Although last year, it worked out, because Wolfman went as Blaze from The Monster Machines and Warrior went as Chase from Paw Patrol.

This year, the boys are going as Dragonball Z's Goku and Vegeta.  Hubby was going to go as either Piccolo or "Princess" Trunks.  But we couldn't find me a Bulma that fits.  To be honest, I'm glad.  DBZ wasn't my choice, not a big fan.  I love DBZ Abridged, but that ain't exactly kid friendly.  I'd definitely argue that DBZ isn't either, especially the earlier episodes (some racist and sexist art).  Hubby watches it in Japanese, with English subtitles every Sunday, so the kids are just enjoying the action.

So the boys are going to match.  As for me and the hubs, we were going to go as Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf, but we've done this theme, back for Wolfman's first Halloween.  And I've done Werewolf Little Red.  So we decided that since I'm getting a Greek dress for rituals, that we'd go a Nymph and Satyr theme.

I'm going with some Greek Goddess of Love costume, with a really pretty brown eye mask, and I'm going to make a crown out of ivy garland.  Hubby is going to wear a black horned eye mask, and I'm going to use copper paint marker to put the same markings from my mask onto his.  Then he'll wear a vest, some jeans, and these hooves that'll fit over his shoes.  Over his chest, he'll wear an ivy sash, with a wooden flute and a plastic wine glass hanging from it.  I'm going to paint the inside of the cup to look like it's stained with red wine.

We're also going to get an early start on Yule and birthday shopping.  This year, Wolfman's 5th is going to be Disney Cars themed, and we also want to get the boys bikes.

Oh, and I met my first Renesmee this week--a little neighborhood girl who lives a couple of apartments down from us.  Someone's mom is a big Twilight fan.  Wolfman was calling her "Resume", lol.  I thought it was funny that she's named for a vampire who's imprinted on a werewolf, and my son's name is short for Lycanthrope--Werewolf.

And lastly, on the Warrior font, this first week of night training went pretty well.  He only had two pee accidents, no poop accidents yet.  And that was Friday and Saturday morning.  So far, he's doing a lot better than his brother did.  Or maybe we are, since we have practice with his brother?

All right, night night time calls.  Time to put these little monsters to bed!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Lovin School

Started teaching the littles.  Been having school for a little over two weeks.  I'm using ABC Mouse, Youtube toddler videos, and activities that I've made for them.  Like, we have ABC flash cards, matching letters, numbers, shapes, and items, like car, trees, etc.  I'm teaching them safety around the house and outside, especially about respecting animals, domestic and wild.  I reward with coloring books, snacks, playing outside, and I've made sticker boards for them.  Everyday, they pick a sticker from their vast collection, and put it on their board.

We were outside Saturday, and the kids saw spider webs and were saying, "Fider webs are fiders homes.  We don't mess with their homes.  Let's go play somewhere else."

I was so proud.  Wolfman looked above the door and say, "Mommy!  Look, there's a one and a six and another six!"  I asked him if he knew what the number was, other than our apartment (which he knows).  He didn't, which I kind of figured since we've only just got into teens, but I told him.  So proud when he pointed that out...and then freaked out the next moment, when Warrior picked up a "buggy flower", as I watched a big ole carpenter bee fly off of the small white flower in his hand.  I had to teach them about staying away from flowers that had insects, especially bees, on them.  Let the bees eat.  Don't bother them, they might sting you.

Basic respect and safety.

Normally, I don't like them picking flowers, but sometimes it's all right, unless we're at the park or walking in the woods.  Don't touch the plants, because mommy's doesn't know what they all are, yet.  There's a board game called Wildcraft that I want to get for my kids.  It's teaches about plants and wild herbs, edible and poisoness.  That way we can learn together!

Plus some of the parks around here offer nature classes for little kids.  I might look into that next year for them.  I wish we had a Spiral Scouts group around here.  I'm always keeping my eyes out for any chapters.  Boy Scouts sounds great--my brother was a scout--but I like the idea of Spiral Scouts better.  Supposedly, it's more Pagan friendly.

Thanks to some preschool pages on Facebook, I'm also getting other ideas for educational activities, like matching letter that spell out their names and sight words.  I also want them to learn how to match colors with the word.  Step by step.

The boys are really enjoying school.  Always asking if it's time for school yet.  Gotta make it fun and enjoyable for them.

Also, we've started night training Warrior...!  Second night in.  Fingers crossed that we won't be needing to buy diapers for a while.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

One Talk Isn't Always Enough

Giving extra thanks to Artemis on this 6th day of August.  Earlier some sick fucking pedophile pulled up to my friend's driveway and showed her young daughter and her 9-year-old friend that he was masturbating.  Luckily, the friend grabbed L by the arm and they ran inside the house.  My friend's since reported it and spread it on Facebook, as did I.

Sick fucks.  Just kill the mother fuckers, they deserve nothing less.

She's had the Stranger Danger talk with her daughter before, yet L still approached the man's vehicle.  So they had another discussion.  I've been doing the same with my kids.  My kids are just so friendly to people.  And my oldest love vehicles.  So it's been challenging, but it gets easier as he gets older. Talking to them about Strangers and why it's important to never approach their vehicles or follow a stranger somewhere, even if they promise them toys, candy, or animals.  If an stranger--person or child--ever offers, yell no, and to come to mommy or daddy immediately.  Never go with them.  Never.  Do not allow them to get close to you.  Grab your brother and run.

We'll also be teaching them the password, too.  That's one thing that my dad always enforced with us, never go with someone unless they know the password.  If they know it, good.  If not, run for help.

Yesterday, I after I told my eldest to stay in front of our window and door while we were in the front of our apartment building (don't usually play out there), he said, "Because of strangers might kidnap us, right?"


"Well, I'll just punch them in the nose."

"No, baby.  A stranger tries to get you to come inside their house or car, or away from us in any way, you need to grab your brother, and come to us.  NEVER get near a stranger.  If they grab you, scream for help."

We do plan on teaching our children self defense, of course, against bullies and creeps, but they're obviously too young to fight off some sick fucking pedophile.   It's best for them to scream for help and run.

It's something that I talk about weekly with my kids.  It's a terrifying thought.  Sadly I've had to have this talk with my husband.  When we're at parks, his nose in his phone.  Like, do you understand how quickly everything can change?  How quickly some sick fuck can lure a child away or snatch them?  Do you understand that?  Get off of your phone and pay attention.

I was sure to show him my friend's message today.  Everyone says I'm paranoid and crazy and a helicopter parent.  Nah, it's call being a responsible parent.  Teach your kids.  Educate your spouse if you have to.  Reinforce these teachings.  Quiz your kids once in a while.  Get your kids into self defense, too.  It could save their lives.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Teaching the Littles

We recently started looking for preschools for the boys, but ran into problems.  The schools around here, either they're too expensive or are Christian.  So, conundrum.  I wanted them to go, because my SIL's kids are in preschool and they're learning a lot of useful information.  I like that.  I want that.

However, I can't afford that.

I have been teaching them at home.  But in a school environment, with other kids, they're more eager to follow and participate, to listen and learn, than if it's just the three of us.  When they're at my SIL's house, she does some teaching and projects with them, and they love it.

I want that socialization, too.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, who reminded me that when we were kids, there wasn't a preschool (none that our parents sent us to, is what I mean), and we were just fine.  So I've decided to save the money and just do ABC Mouse (finally).  They had a special going on, with a price cut, we finally got it working, on both laptop and the tablet.

Starting tomorrow, we're "going" to school--actually I may plan tomorrow, then start school on Monday.  I'll use that time to actually have a bit more of a learning environment, too.  Practice for if I decide to home school my kids.  Today's common core--only teaching kids how to take tests--crap isn't good enough.  Scares me.  However, teaching starts at home.

I've already gone over Stranger Danger a little bit, and have started teaching them street safety.  I've looked ABC Mouse over a bit, so what they don't teach, I'll fill in the gaps, as well as use some Youtube videos that can explain things better than me.

Basic educational things about their world, safety, nature, etc; plus I'm starting to put together a little something that has to do with Paganism and Magik.  I've been teaching them a bit, but now I'm starting to make activities to enforced the concepts and make it fun.

Depending on how this first week goes, I'll be planning a simple schedule and syllabus to follow.

Speaking of teaching, we took the boys swimming for the first time in a deep pool.  Bought them life jackets, and taught them how to kick.   "Like your walking, keep your feet underneath you!"  Eventually Wolfman got it, but Warrior still needs more practice.  We missed the swimming lessons offered by the YMCA this year, so I don't know how to teach them to hold their breath, but we'll figure it out...either Youtube to the rescue or trial and error.

Eventually, Wolfman understood how to keep himself level, and was able to swim from wall to wall!  So proud of him, my little water baby!  Whereas his brother was content with reclining back on us, like a baby otter, holding onto a ball.

Once Wolfman figured out how to swim, he didn't want to get out.  Just like his mommy.

And last bit of news, we're going to start trying for another kid.  I've stuck to my diet and then some, and have been steadily losing weight.  I'm healthier than I've ever been.   Fingers crossed that we get our girl.  Either way, I'm hoping for a good pregnancy, little to no complications, and a healthy baby.

 If it's a boy, Logan Rhys.  If it's a girl, either Tesla Mindy or Rylee Hester.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Grandparent Rant and Nightmare

Did ya know that when you teach your child about safety, it's called "Helicopter Parenting"?  Because I sure didn't.  I was at my mom's last week, and I was teaching my sons how to pet a cat--treat the animal with respect.  Where not to touch, how to pet them, they're not a dog, how to tell if they're annoyed, and when to leave them alone, and such, and my mom laughed and called me a Helicopter Parent.


Um, what?

That's not what helicopter parenting is.  That's flippin plain old parenting.

Just...  Deep breath.

So I had a nightmare this morning that I'm not going to go into detail about, but I dunno.  Rattled me.  I'm trying to look at it symbolically, but I can't.  I can only look at it literally, which might be the point.  My subconscious is a fucked up place sometimes....but hey, whatever gets your attention to things that need to change, right?  Just wish it wasn't a dream that put my kids in danger and made me have a panic attack in dream.  Waking up, heart pounding and stuff. I was so angry in it.  So frustrated and hurt and panicked.

Things need to change, I see that.  Best that these nightmare situations happen in dream, than real life, though.